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Frisör Schnittpunkt Your hairdresser in Graz

So you know in what hands to let your head and your hair, we would like to present on these pages our salon and our service. In addition to the normal services of a hairdresser (washing, cutting, blow drying, coloring, etc.), we also offer care rituals of KÉRASTASE , hair extensions , eyelash extension and beauty care, and face treatments. You can always visit our actions and look at our salon and our team also like to.

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Closed for holidays:

Tuesday 14.8.2018 - Thursday 23.08.2018

Back on Friday 24.8.2018

Saturday 1.9.2018 


Upon request we offer a make-up advice, learning by doing, too. (About 60 minutes - € 45) For purchase of makeup products from us, you will be expected to this consultation.

Student & student

action -20% on the current services price list


Who does not because of beautiful long nails, the luxury of the paint holds up to 3 weeks, and to know that all this is happening on a natural nail system!?!? The new Geleration by Jessica makes dreams a reality!!!

Bride Price

For one of the most beautiful day of your life, we can offer a lot which makes this day even more beautiful.

There is also the possibility, together with a designer to let the wedding dress tailor to your needs.

  • Bride hairstyle
  • Bridal Jewelry
  • Manicure and various paint options
  • Facial treatments for a radiant complexion
  • Make Up