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Special Service from Frisör Schnittpunkt

JESSICA - Manicurist to the Stars!

JESSICA is a pure natural nail care, she realized first that none are the same as for skin and hair, even with the nails. You have certain four different types of nails - damaged, dry, brittle or normal - and created specific treatments for each type. Behind each product to its extensive collection is the unique philosophy of JESSICA - Nail Care. In collaboration with the best chemists, PAINTS for the different types of nails were done by JESSICA, each individually treated your nail problem.

When hair becomes an experience Relax in one of our beauty rituals of KÉRASTASE with seductive aromas, melting textures, heavenly massages.


LUXURY LASHES why should I renew my eyelashes? An eyelash extension brings only benefits. The eyelash extensions ensure that you have full eyelashes in the morning and a great eyelashes. It is no longer needed mascara. You can also go swimming with an eyelash extension also smear without constant. All no longer a problem. What woman would not like for beautiful, thick eyelashes and glowing eyes? No matter how old you are: An eyelash extensions can be applied at any age. Try it and you will be convinced. We conjure an individual lashes dream for every woman. Your face will look younger and more expressive. What was reserved until now only stars and supermodels - We now make it possible for you.

Great Length

The dream of many women Long hair that is healthy and falls in loose waves over her shoulders, because it has not lost its elasticity. So far, only a few were able to fulfill this dream, because rarely own hair is suitable to withstand the rigors to which it is exposed in the many years that it needs to grow. A wonderful and easy way to offer you the systems of Great Lengths, which we offer in the salon for your real hair extension.


A newly developed method of hair thickening and extension. Within minutes Extensions are incorporated into your own hair and inconspicuous hairs turned into trendy hairstyles. So far, extensions were incorporated into the hair only with heat, ultrasound, or metal. In this case the natural hair was often damaged. HAIR TALK Extensions are fixed with adhesive tape technique unique in the hair and can use a hair gentle special solution simply be removed. After replacing the adhesive, the strands can immediately be attached to the hairline - without sending in long or treat ment.

The ultra-thin, 3-4 cm long tape with high quality Indian Remy hair real are used in less than an hour from the hairdresser to your own hair. The result is an unobtrusive hair extension with flat connections that blend in perfectly with your own Hair. After two to three months of wear can be removed using a special sprays of specially trained hairdressers and reinserted the hairline the Extensions straightforward.